A Challenge To Myself

Recently, I turned 45 and realized that as life races by, I’ve been taking it way too seriously. I instinctively know that fun and play are powerful tools for savoring the journey and enriching my relationships. But I’m not sure how to develop a lighter, more fun mindset so I can experience more joy with the people I love.

You might relate to the pressures of being a grown up, and understand how difficult it can be to remember to PLAY and HAVE FUN amidst all of your responsibilities!

So I’ve challenged myself to build that muscle.

I’m going out on a limb and sharing my journey to discover how to build “play” back into my life in case it helps you to do the same. Hello Fun! is a new YouTube channel with the goal of inspiring you to build even sweeter connections with your family and friends through FUN.

Hello Fun Lover!

If we are just meeting, YAY! I’m excited to get to know you as we set out on this journey.

I’m Lisa, and by day I run a venture capital firm. But even in the office, I prefer jeans and flipflops over suits and heels.

In my spare time I love watching personal development videos, trying new plant-based recipes, and getting together with friends to gab over chamomile tea.

I geek out on greeting cards, scrapbooking, and the smell of Gardenias. I only watch movies with happy endings, and love learning about personality types and communication tips.

I struggle with emotional eating, and my guilty pleasures include munching down Rice Krispy Treats, binge-watching Fresh Off the Boat, and perpetually re-organizing my (still perpetually messy) house.

I dream of one day participating in a flash mob dance. (Call me if you are organizing one, please!)

Some of my most unique experiences have been swimming with tiger sharks in Fiji, photographing giraffes in South Africa, and piloting a small plane with my husband, David.

Though I’ve traveled all over the world, San Diego is my happy place because it’s where I can be close to family and never miss a Sunday dinner.

As you and I take this journey together, you’ll get to know my hunky husband too! He is an Occupational Therapist, likes to rock climb and surf, loves naps, and is the most positive person I’ve ever met.

I’m excited to share Happiness Adventure with you. I hope this will be a place for you to get nurtured and energized to increase and spread your happiness in the world.

Please tell me about YOU! I can’t wait to hear.

With glee,


The Hello Fun Team

  • Jesse Esslinger
    Jesse Esslinger Editor

    Jesse’s happy place is Baja, Mexico: surfing, camping, and eating tacos! If he’s having a good time, chances are he’s in the water – he literally daydreams about going down water slides! His wonderful wife Sarah, daughter Verity and two sons, Caleb and Ezra, are the most important people in his life. Though they are San Diegans at heart, they are currently land-locked in Fort Worth, Texas, far from surfing, but with waterslides aplenty.

  • Rachel Cross
    Rachel Cross Producer / Creative Director

    Rachel’s happy place is in snow capped mountains with a piece of fiberglass strapped to her boots. She feels most alive anywhere where there is a sense of adventure – snowboarding, scuba diving, traveling around the world, or eating a great meal. To increase her joy, she has a daily meditation and gratitude practice and is doing her best to stretch into a yogi. She is an Enneagram 7w8 and loves spending time with her friends in America’s Finest City.

  • Rico Molden
    Rico Molden Videographer

    Rico’s happy place is looking through the lens of a camera. His favorite subjects are his family, friends, and lately garages! The first episode of his new series he’s producing about garages is now in the editing stage 🙂 Rico formally studied the design process at Cal Poly Pomona while getting his BA in Landscape Architecture; he worked video into every project possible. Fun fact, he loves reading user manuals for everything.

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